How To Keep A Library And Read Books In The Digital Age

Thought Catalog

The first thing you need to know about having a library and buying books is that reading a lot of different authors doesn’t necessarily make you well-read.

It is not evident to me that someone whose regular reading consists of all the latest blogs and magazines and a hundred different New York Times best selling authors has any profounder wisdom about life and literature than the person who has only read the Bible, Shakespeare, and Euclid fully.

Look, there are only one or two writers every other decade that give us anything of real importance. The rest is just noise. Or old ideas in a fresh marketing shell.

What is higher, what is profound, what strikes is rare.

So, I suppose, if you’re really serious about your intellectual development trash it all and hit the foundational works of not only literature but Western cultural and political life: Socrates, Paul, Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Tolstoy…

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